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Have you been putting it off? or have you already organized your whole house? There's time now to look at your closets and crawl spaces and clear out the old junk you don't need or find a way to make them more efficient.  



I know a lot of you still have boxes in the crawl space from when you moved to your home 3 years ago, if you haven't needed them in that time, you don't need them!

Here are some great organizing ideas to help you get started:


�� Use that space in your linen closet by hanging a few towel racks inside the door to hang long items that are bulky to fold

�� Learn the Marie Kondo method of folding by standing items up in the drawer, they are easier to see, you don't lose the shirts on the bottom of the pile and it saves so much space!

�� Hang pots and pans - not every home has a space for a ceiling hung pot rack, but you can do a half moon one on the wall, or even put hangers on the outside edge of your cupboards to make them easy to grab

�� Reclaim garage ceiling space - one of the items in a garage that people are most impressed with is above storage, this can be used for those items you only get out once a year, like Christmas ornaments and saves so much space!

�� Re purpose those old dresser drawers, if you have a dresser you are looking to get rid of and you aren't using the space under your bed for storage, use those drawers under your bed for storage. They are great for shoes, seasonal clothing, or even toys for the kids.

�� Use magazine holders on their side to wrangle those reusable water bottles and coffee cups

�� organize makeup with magnets, when I saw this in a house, I was amazed! Clear off your bathroom counter by hanging a magnet strip on the bathroom beside the mirror, then glue magnets to your favourite items and hang them in an easy to grab space on that magnetic strip

�� If you use pot drawers, you may still have an issue on what to do with the pot lids, these drawers are usually large enough to put a tension curtain rod across the front, then you can stand up the lids in that space and they are successfully wrangled and out of the way!

�� is your wrapping paper running away every time you open that closet? Use binder clips to clip the paper together, so those loose ends don't unravel. You can also try hanging your wrapping paper in a garment bag

�� In the pantry, try using a shower caddy to store those loose items like snacks, spice packets or juice crystals


Hope these tips give you some inspiration to get organized, let me know which idea is your favourite and if you're going to try any of them.


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