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How to Choose a Wedding Photographer


Choosing a wedding photographer is a big  
step in building not only your perfect

day but also to insure you have the right team
to support you and, help create    your perfect wedding and most importantly to capture those beautiful moments and keep them alive for years to come. But the question is, how do you choose the wedding photographer that is right for you?

We believe first and foremost you need to connect with their work in someway. This is different for each couple, but it can be the style of the images, the emotion that is captured or even what the photographer believes a wedding day should be. Why is this important? Remember when planning your wedding, you want to choose vendors that are aligned with your vision and will help it come alive. The same goes for the photographs of the day. Choosing a photographer that isn’t aligned with you, your vision or personal style is a recipe for memories you may not cherish as much as you should.


For us, our mission is simple. Your photographs should be honest, real and true to the two of you. We are firm believers that photography should not be another check on the list, or one more thing to get done. It should be enjoyable, easy and add value to your day!


One of the few (if only) thing you walk away from your wedding with is the photos that tell the story of you and the events as they happened. You want this story to be documented and captured through the eyes of someone who 100% gets you! Remember love is hardly ever perfect and it’s those imperfect moments that are so incredibly beautiful.


Before you reach out to photographers, it’s also good to look at their portfolio and blogs of recent weddings. We recommend checking for a few things: Consistency, day & night images as well as other types of lighting situations. What you are doing here is getting a sense of what your day will look like regardless of the weather, location or available light!


For us, it is crucial to how we work that we meet every couple. Getting to know you, and what you are looking for is crazy important. Trust us when we say this: Meet your photographer in some way. Be it Skype, FaceTime, Face-to-Face. You are going to be stuck with them the entire wedding day. You may LOVE their work, but what if you do not click with them in person.


Lastly, is budget. Weddings can get expensive and it can happen fast! But we do recommend, if you REALLY fall in love with your photographer extending the budget in this area. Keep in mind this is one of the FEW takeaways you will have from your day. The food will get eaten  and the flowers will wilt but after all is said and done your photos will not only be a remainder of the love you shared that special day but will also continue you to carry the memory of your day forward for generations to come.



Connect with their work: Photography is an art form and each photographer/artist has a unique vision that can been seen through their work. From editing style or color, posing or grouping down to more formal or candid shots, the types of photographers are endless and you want to make sure to intrust the right one to highlight you and your special day just the way you envisioned.


Look at different weddings and lighting scenarios on their blog: You know how they “its good luck when it rains on your wedding day” well I don’t  know who “they are” but from personal experience it throws a curveball in to your plans for the perfect day. Its is extremely important to have a good look at your photographers portfolio and ask for examples of shots that were taken in different weather, lighting conditions, indoor /outdoor or even night or sunrise shots. The way your photographer handles different lighting situations can be just as important as their style. More often then not wedding will progress from inside a church to outdoor for cocktails then back indoor for reception etc.… and you want to make sure the images stay consistent to highlight the story of your day.


You connect with them as a person: We here at Joee and Tyler Photography feel that connecting with your photographer is crucial to the success of your shoot. I mean let’s face it, you will be spending the better part of your day with your photographers and how comfortable you are with them will show in your photos. Nobody likes getting their picture taken but having your picture taken by someone you are comfortable with really makes all the difference. When reaching out to the photographer that you feel may be right for you suggest that you meet before hand over coffee that way you have the opportunity to get to know each other better, discuss what you are looking for and what you really like about their work. This is a great way to not only break the ice but to also get some of those burning questions answered, besides at the end of the day do you really want to meet your photographer for the first time on your big day?



Be flexible with budget for the right one! We all know weddings can get really expensive really fast! After the costs for the venue, catering, florals, clothing you are usually looking at a rather substantial investment “and you and your partner deserve every bit of it”. Something to consider is that your wedding day.. well is just that, a day. In the end after all is said and done the food will be eaten, the florals wilted, and dress put away. The one thing that will be a constant remainder to not only you but also your family and friends for years to come will be those photos. Those will be what you so proudly have displayed around your home, that you will share with family, friends and loved ones as well as what you will look back on for years to come filling your heart with feelings of love for each other and your minds with memories of that beautiful day that brought you together in matrimony. Think of Photography as an investment that will stand the test of time.


Recommendations/Word of Mouth: Speak to your friends and family about their Experiences with their wedding photographers and try to make use of the tips and advice from those who have organized their own weddings. A good photographer should always be happy to provide you with testimonials from previous clients upon request or even provide you with contact details should you wish to hear from them directly. Do your research, google reviews, search their websites, Instagram and Facebook. When a client receives their gallery and sees the images of their special day they are usually so overcome with emotions and memories that they can’t help but post how wonderful of an experience they had and the same goes for the ladder. We are lucky to be living in an age where anything can found with only a few clicks of a mouse. Recommendations and comments are the truest form of how past clients have valued their experiences and your perfect photographer should be more then happy to share that information with you.


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