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Movie Theatres In Kitchener Waterloo

Movie Theatres In Kitchener Waterloo 


We’re still in hibernation mode, but want to get out of the house, but not too excited about going outside.  How about you warm up with a movie and some popcorn.  Kitchener Waterloo has some great spots to check out a movie

and they have different wonderful perks, so here’s my list of where you can go to see a movie in the Region and why you would want to go to each location.



Princess Cinema & Princess Twin

Both great spots in Uptown Waterloo.  You would go here for a few reasons, you want to see support a local business and you want to see a great movie that may not be playing in the big theatres.  Last year for us, it was the Oscar nominated film Parasite, I could not get enough of that movie and Princess was the first and one of the only places to have it! They also host great festival movies and so many other unique events for movie goers.  Another great thing about the princess is the membership pricing and they use real butter on the popcorn which they are melting from a real stick of butter!  Also, you can buy individual licorice there, what more can you ask for!


Apollo Cinema

Another wonderful local theatre, located in Downtown Kitchener.  Best part about Apollo is in the renovation when they opened, they removed every other row of seating from the first few rows and put in tables in front of the seats, it’s an incredible transformation with room for your popcorn, snacks and drinks!  They have a liquor license and serve great local adult beverages.  Apollo also has member pricing, but what I love about them is that they play some really fun retro movies with themed drinks and food!  Think Uncle Buck with Pancakes or Home Alone 2 with Cheese Pizza.  Apollo is such a fun theatre to see a movie in and you should check them out for one of their fun drunken movie nights, you get to shout at the screen and have a blast!  They even serve local Four all ice cream there, so it’s got a little something for everyone!


Cineplex VIP

This theatre offers exactly what the name says it does, it offers a VIP service, it does have regular movies too, but the VIP can be worth it for the right movie!  In VIP, the seats recline, have small tray tables for your drinks and snacks and they even have a person who will take your dinner order at your seat if you arrive to the movie early enough.  This theatre is the full package and a way to really wow your date!  There is a full menu, so you can order appetizers, full meals which are great and dessert as well as get your regular popcorn.  They also offer a fully licensed bar and can mix you up a cocktail or pour a pint of beer.  My favourite part about VIP is that the entire VIP section of the theatre is 19+ so there are never any children, it’s a great night out!


Landmark 10 & Landmark 12

These theatres are our go to places for when you’re looking to see a new blockbuster movie.  Landmark has some of the best theatre popcorn and all their seating is reserved.  The reserved seating is one of my favourite things about the theatre now and makes movie going much more enjoyable if you are on a tight schedule.  I always keep a Costco pass or 2 in my purse and can book those deals online and have the perfect seats reserved.  Landmark 12 down by Sportsworld also offers an IMAX theatre if you’re looking for big screen experience.  I love that we offer this here now, IMAX used to be something we could only see in Toronto and had to travel for that special night.  Both of these theatres offer a great experience, comfortable seats and make for a great regular movie night out.


Cineplex Conestoga Mall

Cineplex by Conestoga Mall is also your typical new release movie theatre, they do have some fun weekend morning retro movies for kids at a reduced rate for a fun family morning out as well.  My favourite part about this Cineplex is that they offer food in their theatre, burgers, fries, sandwiches.  This theatre also has reserved seats and if you’re in a time crunch to make an early movie and haven’t had dinner yet, this theatre has you covered!  Another fun option for action movies is Cineplex offers D-Box which is a 4D experience where the seat moves with the movie, think of taking a ride with the movie! 

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