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Best Burgers In Waterloo Region


Where to find the best burgers in Waterloo Region 


With National Burger Day approaching, I want to make sure that you all enjoy an amazing burger for this  special day.  Some of these locations are a little harder to find, but totally worth the search!  None of these burger joints are fast food, because you can’t rush meat perfection!  




Little Louie’s Burger Joint & Soupery - 234 Clyde R, Cambridge     


This small stop in Cambridge is such a fantastic place for making your own burger, choose your meat, your toppings and they have incredible sauces.  This is my number one spot for burgers and worth the drive into the small residential neighbourhood.  The meat is flavourful, the fries are fresh cut and the toppings are plentiful.  Make sure you try the Garlic Dill Aioli


The Crazy Canuck - 845 Weber St N, Waterloo


Another great small location with food worth the wait, while the burger toppings aren’t elaborate, the burger is tasty, the perfect size and nice and juicy!  If you’re like me, you also want a great side with your burger and the Crazy Canuck is the best place in town for a Poutine!  Stop in here and discover a new favourite!


Sonny’s - 256 Weber St N, Waterloo


Sonny’s is on this list for the Nostalgia, the burgers remind me of my childhood and the fries are always fantastic!  With a Ms. Pac Man machine to play while you wait, this is the fastest burger stop on the list, but one that is worth it for the summer to sit out on the picnic tables and enjoy some classic burger family time!


Hemlock St Burger Bar - 251 HEMLOCK STREET WATERLOO,ON


I would cal Hemlock St Burger bar the new kid on the block and their burgers and fries are giving the others a run for their money.  They have some incredibly unique ideas including a fried onion burger with the onion right in the burger pattie, their potato buns are so soft and fresh and they can even put a poutine on top of a burger, can it get any better!  


The Old Marina Restaurant - 1947 McClintock Drive, Cambridge


Not only will you get a great view and wonderful atmosphere, but the food is fantastic too!  There are so many different types of meat for burger choices here, so it’s sure to please the whole family including a lamb burger, a chorizo burger, a beyond meat vegetarian burger and their famous homemade burger with the cheese ring!   If you’re up to the challenge, you can complete The Puslinch Burger Challenge. 3 Puslinch Patties (1bun), poutine and a milkshake. One hour to finish. Winners get on a wall of fame, free T-shirt and don’t pay, if you can’t finish pay $40!

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