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Zehrs Click and Collect


Getting groceries is part of everyone’s regular routine, but if you’re like me, finding the time to spend walking around a grocery store just isn’t how I like to spend my free time.  Not only does grocery shopping take me a long time, but I also find I spend way more in the store than I have to on those tasty impulse items.


This year I discovered click and collect, now I’m not going to lie, it took a few orders to become the breeze it is now, so don’t be frustrated when you first try it.  When you first set up the service, you need to make sure to log in, if you are logged in, the system will remember what you have ordered in the past and will start smart suggesting when you are ordering.  Also, make sure to add your PC points card number to your profile so you can collect your points on all your purchases.

The search through the categories can be a little daunting, which is why I like to use the search bar function, but there is a great tip.  Instead of searching for just one item like bread, search for many items you know you need and put commas in between so you can find them all at once and save time (bread, milk, raisin bran, cottage cheese) this will speed up the process.  Once you’ve ordered a few times, your frequent items will appear in a list making it much easier to shop online.


I was worried about having someone who works for the store picking my items, worried I wouldn’t get the best produce or I would get milk about to expire, but I can assure you, I’ve been happy every time with the items chosen.  It seems the people who shop at Zehrs for you are shopping like they would for themselves and it’s much appreciated!   The other thing that the shoppers at Zehrs do which is great, is if an item you ordered online is out of stock in store, they will call you, ask if a substitute is an option, and give you the options for similar products.  The communication they provide is fantastic, and they always have great substitution suggestions.


The other reason I like the click and collect online ordering is that I am less likely to impulse buy that giant bag of chocolates or extra tub of fancy sounding ice cream.  The $3 I pay to have Zehrs complete the shop for me saves me money and most likely pounds in the long run!

Once your time frame has come and it’s time to pick up your groceries, you arrive at Zehrs, try the one at Stanley park, it has underground parking for their click and collect, so in the winter, you don’t have to worry about the snow!  Once you arrive, you call the number on the click and collect sign and they will come out with a cart of your items, which have been in their fridges and freezers waiting for you.  If you order one of those hot counter chickens, they will grab that when you call so it’s super fresh and hot still!  You can bag your own groceries from their cart, or if you have nice plastic reusable grocery containers, you can use those too.  The service is environmentally friendly, convenient, fast and fantastic!  Give Zehrs click and collect a try, I can guarantee after using it about 3 times, you’ll be hooked on it’s ease.

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