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The loss of our little Grand Puppy Brutus this past weekend led me to change this weeks topic.
We always hear about the important factors which lead to the final decision of buying a certain home Location, Price, Condition.True enough these are quite often the major considerations, but not always. Here are some more that I have run into over the years:

-We need a sunny spot for Fluffy

-The deck’s too high Lilly can’t handle the steps

-The yard must be fenced for Butch to play safely in

-There are too many windows facing the street, Lassie will look out and bark all day

-We need a long hallway to throw toys down for Peppy to chase

-There are too many stairs for Delores our Pig

-We can’t have hardwood as Snoopy has long nails

-We can’t have dark carpet as Princess has white fur

-The kitchen is to close to the bedroom and Charlie my Parakeet will wake me too early

-The fence is not tall enough Jiggs will jump over it

-The back yard is too close to the river,  Maggie will fall in while chasing the squirrels

It just goes to show that location, price and condition aren’t everything and we as Realtors, with a heart have many more features to look for and consider.
May our little Brutus find just the right spot to sleep and play in his new home.  We will miss him

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