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Location, Location, Location!

Everyone talks about the important factors to consider when buying a home. The truth is everyone’s factors are as different as everyone’s lifestyles are different. Over the next several weeks, I will give you my opinion on these factors starting with the most talked about. LOCATION  LOCATION  LOCATION!!!!
Things to consider and why (in no particular order)
• PROXIMITY to public transportation:      
Not everyone in your family has a car. More important in a large city than in a smaller community


Difficulty getting in and out of your driveway, child safety, noise and air Pollution. 

• SCHOOLS:        

Public, Catholic, Private, Day care, Walking distance, Curriculum, Play areas, Sports Fields.  Don’t assume that because there is a school nearby that your children will go there, check it out!

• WALKING:         

  Is there anywhere to walk your Dog, can you walk to stores, trails and Parks, indoor walking facilities such as arena tracks and malls.

• AMMENITIES:       

Are there any close by (Tim’s, Restaurants, Banks, Macs  Groceries etc) Or do you have to drive a long way to get to anything

• WORK:                

Is it a long drive, or short drive, easy highway access or on a bus route. Is there a Go train, Go bus or a car pool lot. Are there jobs available in the area?


Check out the Neighbourhood. Is it Family oriented , are there more seniors or is it being taken over by rentals or business  establishments.

• PARKING:           

Is there anywhere for visitors to park, some areas have large homes with wide driveways but no street parking, some condo townhouses have very little extra parking for your guests.


 Is it a nice well looked after street or area of town.


Are there any close by for your children’s enjoyment or for dog walking, don’t forget that some people may not want to be too close to a busy park.

• SUNSHINE:           

Is it important to you to be on the sunny side of the street for your plants and gardens, artistry or your cats window sill sleeping enjoyment.

• SNOW:                

A lot of people like to live on the edge of town but beware, wide open spaces tend to be windy which may bring lots of snow with it, so the last homes on the streets facing north/west may need really good snow blowers.

• RESALE:         

YOU may love the home and where it is but eventually you will want to sell, so keep that in mind when buying.

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