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Outdoor Fires In Waterloo Region

Outdoor Fire Rules In Waterloo Region


As the Long weekend approaches, drinks by an outdoor fire will soon become a weekend favourite, make sure before you rush out to get those marshmallows that you know the rules of outdoor fires at your address.  Below is a

quick guide to the basic rules of outdoor fires in each city





  • Must be 5 metres from any building, structure, fence, roadway, overhead wire or other combustible article
  • No more than 1 metre of material being burned in any direction
  • No combustible ground cover within 1 metre of the fire
  • Must have an extinguisher or garden hose near fire
  • Must be under constant watch by owner of occupant over 18 years old
  • recreational fires in fire pits must be contained by a distinctive, raised, non-combustible barrier that completely surrounds the fire pit to separate it from the surrounding area
  • Fire can only be conducted between 6pm and 11pm any day of the week




  • Outdoor open fires are not permitted within waterloo city limits


Woolwich Township

  • A burn permit is required for all open air burning
  • The campfire cannot exceed 2ftx2ft
  • The fire must be contained in some way, steel rim, bricks, chiminea or fire bowl
  • Must be under constant watch by owner of occupant over 18 years old
  • An appropriate extinguishing agent must be present at all times
  • Must not cause any danger or nuisance
  • Minimum distance is not less than 4.5 meters from any structure, fence of combustible structure
  • Campfire are not permitted when winds exceed 16km/hour



  • A burn permit is required for all open air burning not used for cooking purposes
  • Burn permits cost $60.31
  • A distance of at least 150 metres from a building
  • Limit the size of the fire
  • Necessary Water supply
  • Proper supervision


Wellesley Township

  • Fire permit required, cost is $40
  • Fire must be supervised at all times
  • Sufficient water or fire retardant equipment must be available
  • Fire must be extinguished if smoke interferes with neighbours
  • Permit void on days that are too windy, dry grass or other unsafe open air burning conditions



Wilmot Township

  • The only open air fire permitted is a small confined fire supervised at all times and used to cook food
  • A person over 18 years may apply for a burn permit
  • Fire must be burned in a confined burn site, including a circle of stons/bricks, chiminea or fire bowl
  • No burning allowed on windy days
  • No burning allowed on air quality advisory days
  • Contained sites must be 25ft from combustible structures
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