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Why I love Red Eye Cafe Donuts

Business Spotlight - Red Eye Cafe  

Let’s be serious, we all dream about donuts and there has been a real uprising of these tasty fried treats in the past few years!  When I was a child getting a dozen donuts from a smoke-filled Tim Hortons that used to bake their donuts on site was a special treat!  Thankfully today we’ve given up on those Smokey coffee shops, but of course the mass production of those donuts has ruined it for me. Choosing a dozen donuts from behind a glass case still brings  

excitement and Red Eye Café in Cambridge is bringing back that joy! I always pick my donuts based on which one I want to eat the most, which is usually the one I save for last.  While I will always love those classic honey cruellers and coconut donuts from Tim Horton’s, there are some new donuts on the scene that have really taken over my sweet tooth lately! 


Red Eye Café and Donuts in Cambridge is really putting an incredible twist on those classic donuts we all know and love and improving them in ways I never knew I needed!  Their apple fritters are to die for, their base donut which they fill with lots of different cream options and glaze with unique offerings are so fluffy and fresh that I don’t even know what other donuts taste like anymore, all I know is not as good!


They change up their donut offerings monthly, so you’ll never get bored of their flavours and you’ll get some favourites that you’ll have to wait to see again!  If you need gluten free or vegan, they can accommodate that too with at least 3 of those options too.  If you’re looking to enjoy your donut in their café you can also get a carefully crafted coffee from a local roaster and there is even an option to have a pour over coffee if you have time. 

This video below gives you a little more info about what Red Eye is all about, and will give you some shots of their quaint café, Reymel and Amy eat stuff is a great channel if you’d like to learn more about some great spots in the region to eat and also to learn about some food that you’ve never heard of or tried.


To get yourself some tasty Red Eye Cafe donuts - visit them at 600 Hespeler Rd #76, Cambridge





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