Down sizing - Stephanie Catcher and Brad Gosnell
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Choosing a home when downsizing can be a challenge if you are unsure of what kind of home you are looking for.  When downsizing, there are lots of different options including a smaller home, a condo or even a mobile.  It’s important to set goals as to which kind of property you are looking for and what is important to you.

The largest complaint from people who are downsizing is that they need to give up some of the things they love to move to their next home.  Making a list of what in your life you enjoy most and want to continue doing when you downsize is helpful.  Items on that list might be gardening, fixing up that classic car, maintaining a dining room to have the family over for dinner, keeping a spare room for the Grandchildren or anything else that you enjoy on a regular basis and would miss if you were to sell your large home.  Also, making a list of reasons why you want to leave your current home and what items you no longer wish to keep can be helpful in finding a happy medium when finding your downsized home.

Another important aspect of downsizing is planning what to bring with you to your new home.  During a downsize people often try to bring too much with them to their new home.  Choose your most treasured items that you know you will use every day.  Once you’ve decided which items you can live without, start giving those items to family members who are in need of them, or selling those items at a garage sale or other online sales venue.  By removing these extra unneeded items from your current home not only will you be able to move to your new home easier, but you will be able to stage you current home easier and have less to worry about during your move.


Downsizing your current home can take time, you may have repairs to make to the home that you have been living in for many years, you may need to update some items and spend some extra time finding homes for all your unneeded possessions.  Stephanie & Brad are happy to come over to your home for a visit to discuss your downsizing needs and to advise you on what needs to be done prior to listing your home. If it takes you a year to get ready, not to worry, the appointment is cost and pressure free and we're always happy to assist people onto the next stage of their lives.