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Move Up Buyers


Moving from one home to another is the most common type of move that people make and is often the most stressful.  Using an experienced Realtor who knows your goals is your best option in making the transition from one home to another smooth and stress free.

When moving from one property to another there are generally 3 ways it can be done.  Find your new home, buy it, move into it and then sell your current home vacant.  If you are like the majority of people and can’t afford two homes, then you would use one of the following 2 options.  Find your new dream home, make a conditional offer on it and hope your current home sells in time OR sell your current home and hope that you find your new dream home before your current home closes and the new buyers move in.

When moving up to a new property and needing to sell yours, it’s important that you let your realtor know which option you are more comfortable with.  Some people are looking for a very specific type of home to move up to and in those cases if the home is hard to find, it may be best to find your new home before selling your current home.  Others may be living in a home that will not sell as easily and want to make sure they have their current home sold before they start looking for a new one.  Knowing the price you will be receiving for your current home can often help with the purchase of your next home as well.

The best advice is always to keep your home ready for sale no matter which option you choose.  If you find the home of your dreams and your current home isn’t even ready for sale, you may find yourself in a time crunch and unable to purchase that home in time since you have too much do to at your current home to get it ready for sale.  So declutter, paint and do those little touchup things that have been on your to do list now.  By doing these things now, you can enjoy your home for the time you are still living in it and be ready to pounce when your next home comes along. 

Both Steve and Stephanie are very patient and focus on being non pressure sales people, often having clients who have been looking at homes for years.  Please don’t feel that once you contact either of them that you need to move right away.  Moving up to a new home and leaving the home that you currently live in can be a big step with lots of changes and discussing your plans with a realtor early in the process can help set you up for success in the future.