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Mid Week Date Night Ideas in Kitchener Waterloo 



Looking for something different that you can do midweek and still make it home in a timely fashion on a "school night"  Date night on a week night can be just a fun and maybe a little more affordable, and maybe even easier to find a sitter.  



I've been told that my whole life is a date night, so here's some ideas of quick things that we would do for fun on a weeknight when we're looking for something to do! There's so much to do in the region and I'm sure you can find something to suit everyone.


CTRL V - Virtual realtity Arcade


Open till 10:30 weeknigts and offering BOGO pricing on Thursdays, this is a good place to go and try something new, offering unique virtual reality experiences in a variety of options from first person shooter games to team sports like badminton and even virtual surgery games, it's sure to please everyone.  With online booking you can check out their avaialbility and make this a unique experience together.   With locations in Waterloo, Cambridge and Guelph, you can pair this evening out with your favourite place to eat too! 


Crock a Doodle  - Pottery Painting 


If you're looking to make something cute for each other, maybe a favourite mug or plate, this is a great place to show a little love on a piece of art you make yourselves!  Open till 8pm on weeknights, you can drop in anytime and make your own masterpiece (just choose your pottery) or go online to view their fun uipcoming themed events.  Having a mid week date night here is something that will last and is easy to do with no reservations or studio fees required!  



Trivia Nights 

Trivia nights is a great way to enjoy a little friendly competition or to pool your strange knowledge together to conquer!  To learn about some great spots about where to Trivia in Kitchener Waterloo, check out the previous blog post here.




Rhapsody Barrel Bar

Rhapsody is a great place to go for dinner and entertainment.  Tuesday’s is Black Ball Comedy night, catch a comedian and grab dinner, starting at 8:30 this is generally still an early night home!  Other fun evenings at Rhapsody include open mic night and live music.  Within something happening every evening at Rhapsody, make sure you check their calendar of events to see which evening best suits you. 


Nailed it Nite


Nailed it night offers lots of options for DIY home décor items and has fun events happening all over town, including locations like Kitchener Farmers Market, Bridgeport Community Centre and Descnedants Beer and Beverage Company, who doesn’t enjoy a little local beer with some painting and designing.  They have an extensive calendar of their events on their facebook page where you can make fall porch leaners, Halloween crafts, Christmas crafts, winter wreaths, family signs and so much more!  This is another great date night where you get to leave with great memories.


Timeless Materials & Timeless Café   


If you’re like us and like to look at vintage materials and get inspiration on home projects, then a date night to timeless material and café is made for you!  Timeless materials closes at 6pm, so you have to make sure to get there quick, shop there until 6pm and then hash over your ideas for projects next door at timeless café. Their Thursday date night dinner menu is a great way to enjoy some time together, check out their site for what they offer on date night menus every week.  Their date night menu is $69 per couple and offers a 4 course dinner, there will be lots of time to talk about your next home overhaul over this incredible dinner!


Cineplex VIP Date Night  


If you haven’t had the chance to enjoy a movie in the VIP cinema on Fairway yet, you are missing out, the seats are incredibly comfortable, they serve you right at your seat, including alcohol and on Wednesday’s they offer date night, which includes dinner and a movie for 2, which considering what a night at the movies can cost, this is a great night out!  The  date night dinner includes 3 course, a shareable appetizer, 2 main entrees and a shareable dessert and the best part about this theatre is that there are no kids allowed, so choose your movie and enjoy a relaxing night out!   









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