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50 things to do to sell your home faster

50 Tips to Prepare your Home to Sell Faster 


Here’s 50 tips of what you should be doing to get your home ready for sale, some of these things are great projects you can work on over the winter if you are looking to sell in Spring of 2020.   


If you need me to come by for a quick evaluation to let you know what you should be working on to make your home look it’s best, let me know.  I’m always happy to come over early in the process to get you started, some of my clients take over a year to get their home ready, but by having me in early, you aren’t wasting time or money on items that won’t increase the value or your home or get it sold quickly.



1. Have a Realtor, Interior Designer or Professional Organizer Walk through your home with fresh eyes to determine what needs to be removed, updated or repaired in your home.



2. Patch Damaged Walls
3. Replace Cracked Floor Tiles
4. Oil Squeaky Doors
5. Fix Sticky Windows or broken panes of glass
6. Fix leaky faucets and toilets
7. Re-Caulk Sinks and tubs
8. Replace and repair ripped and broken screens




9. Replace outdated cabinet knobs and pulls
10. Update old lighting fixtures
11. Update blinds if needed
12. Replace shower heads or faucets if needed




13. Paint interior walls neutral colours
14.Paint exterior doors and window trim
15. Paint baseboards to freshen
16. Paint ceiling to freshen up if needed
17. Paint exterior railings if possible




18.Take down heavy window coverings that block light
19.Wash all windows
20.Increase the wattage of light bulbs
21.Replace Dark Lamp Shades



22. Remove family Photos
23. Store Knicknacks
24. Remove any large collections or collectable items of value




25. Thin out books on the shelves
26. Empty Kitchen Counters
27. Remove out of season clothing from closets
28. Store items in the appropriate space (garage or storage unit)




29. Organize Pantry
30. Organize Closets
31. Organize basemen storage
32. Organize Garage, Shed and outdoor storage




33. Clean all interior surfaces
34. Clean door & window frames, tracks and jams
35. Air out and clean cabinets under sinks
36. Power wash decks and walkways
37. Clean outdoor furniture
38. Clean porch lights and all cobwebs


 Hide Signs of Pets:


39.. Remove all pet smells
40. Hide pet food and water bowls
41. Take pets away for all showings, or let a friend care for them while your home is for sale


Stage Inside:


42. Reduce amount of furniture in each room
43. Organize furniture to give each room a purpose
44. Place flowers around home for showing

45. Prune & Landscape:

46. Remove all dead plants
47. rune overgrown shrubs and bushes
48. Fill open garden space with seasonal flowers
49. Add fresh mulch to beds


Stage Outside:


50.Make front porch clean and inviting with nice chairs if there is room
BONUS:  Use outdoor furniture to create inviting outdoor spaces


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