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When Should You Call a Home Stager?

When is it time to call a Home Stager



Recently I received an inquiry from a couple who are thinking about selling their home in about a year. You may be thinking, “Why would they call a Stager a year in advance? That seems way too early!” The truth is it is never too early to start thinking about your resale plan. As soon as you even consider selling your home, you should book a consultation with a professional Home Stager to have the property evaluated.

In a Staging Consultation, your Home Stager will tour your home with “buyers’ eyes” and do a room by room analysis to determine how to best market your home to the target demographic. They will provide you with recommendations that may include some of the following improvements: painting, replacing flooring, updating countertops, lighting and fixtures, rearranging furniture, adding accessories, landscaping and always will include cleaning and de-cluttering advice.  All of these recommendations are based on the condition of your home, keeping in mind the target demographic of buyer as well as the price point of the property. Your Stager will explain the improvements that are a must and where you will see a return on your investment.

By calling a Home Stager well in advance to listing your home for sale, you are giving yourself ample time to complete all of the crucial recommendations for marketing your home. It does take quite a bit of time to sort through your belongings, determining what is to be packed, donated, sold or thrown away. This is a task that all homeowners face when selling their home. If you need to replace flooring or paint numerous rooms in the house, by getting a head start you have time to set money aside for these improvements instead of scrambling at the last minute. Calling a Stager just a week before listing is not in your best interest as you may not have enough time to complete the recommendations; therefore listing your property before it is truly market ready.


When it comes to the sale of your largest asset, it is crucial that you are putting the best product on the market. Don’t let buyers chip away at your asking price because you didn’t give yourself enough time to prepare your home for sale.


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