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Let's do the Time Warp Again

On a recent visit to Graceland I was shocked to see how dated the home was.  I’m honestly not sure what I was expecting, but I thought a home that millions of people flock to would have a bit less shag and a bit more space.  We really did enjoy our time at Graceland and found it very interesting, but it got me thinking about those few homes I show a year that are like walking into a time warp.

I’m sure everyone has heard about shag carpet, spindled walls and golden rod tubs but how many people actually keep these things in their homes, Elvis does and a I’m sure there are still a few homes in KW left that are like walking into a time warp.  I often find these homes to be a good time when taking clients through, who doesn’t love to laugh at some purple and green shag on the floor and the walls, how about furniture that has been so well preserved with its plastic covers that it makes the 70’s feel like it was yesterday.  I’m going to do my best this year to take some photos of these hidden gems and share them when our paths cross.

Inevitably these homes sell and find a buyer who is willing to give them some love from this century, but these homes all have a place and a buyer who will love them.  I always remind buyers that not every home that was built comes with walk in closets, ensuite bathrooms, tubs that will allow you to soak in them or main floor laundry.  Just because these homes weren’t built with these features it doesn’t make it defective and I can assure you that people lived then and can still live today without these features.

I leave you with some photos that we were able to sneak of our trip to Graceland and remind you just like I need to be reminded from time to time, that not everyone has a huge home with all the modern conveniences and  that we don’t all need that either.  Join me in doing the time warp again and find that older homes with original décor and features still have charm today.


A shot of me across the street from Graceland, while it's hard to see, it's the white house on the hill.

Elvis' Living Room, note the 15 Foot White couch on the right and the large stained glass!  If you'd like a replica of this stained glass, they sell it in the gift shop.

Elvis' TV Room, you can't see it, but these may have been the very first flat screens, he had 3 large TV's stuck in the wall and a monkey statue on the table.


This is George listening to the tour and visiting Elvis' Pool Room, a place to hang out with his buddies and play around, the whole room is done in fabric, walls, ceiling and the furniture all match!


This is the "Jungle" Room, complete with shag on the floor, and ceiling (see below photo) and a large water feature on that brick wall.

Shag Carpet on the ceiling of the jungle room, believe it or not, this is not the first time I have seen this!



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