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Why do you love your Home?

People move for so many reasons and often it’s a growth in the family, job change or affordability.  Even if it is obvious why they are moving, maybe a baby on the way in an already full house, I always ask why they love their house.  Often those owners think back to the time when they first purchased the house and talk about the yard, the open concept, location and various other great factors about the house.  I want to make sure that when selling the house that those reasons for falling in love with this home in the first place are front a centre when the house is listed.


To highlight those areas, often I will ask clients to pack up a large portion of their items and make the house feel like it did when they first saw it. Life can take over and make those features that you originally loved about a house a little lack luster.  If the client is willing I can also advertise the property in a unique way to include a little about the house and it’s history including what it has meant to you and your family.  This often works best in a home that has been owned by a family for quite some time and they have seen some life events in the home, weddings, babies and any other important events that would make a potential buyer feel more connected to the house.  I recently read an article about a realtor that listed a house that the owners called The Mint House due to its mint green exterior; this theme was used throughout the advertising and even the staging in the home.


Bring back the shine of your house again when you list it for sale, let your realtor know what makes your home unique and interesting , so those potential buyers can fall in love with your house, just like you did when you first bought it. Who knows you might even get to enjoy that feeling in your last few months in your house too!

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