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Business Spotlight - Morris Car Wash


Business of the Week:  Morris Car Wash 

Spring is coming, it's been a long hard Winter, but Spring is almost here and with Spring it's time to get your car looking it's best!  


This is a photo of my beauty Ruby (Yes, I name my car) on a Sunny day in March.  I always take my car to Morris to make it shine inside and out!  


For those who have never been, here's a little about how it works:  The car wash is located at 533 King St E in Kitchener, but you have to access the driveway at the back of the car wash, which is off of Betzner.  Take that little dead end street to the end, and hang a right.  


If you're lucky there won't be a line, if there is a little line, take that time to clear out any garbage in your car and make sure that all your stuff is piled together so you can get maximum interior cleaning done.  I always remove my tissue box, my cards, chap sticks, pens, coins and any other little items so they can get into all the small spots to clean too.  


If you have children, remove the car seats so they can vacuum under there as well.  They do offer some exterior only packages, but I'll be honest, nothing feels better than getting into a car that has just been cleaned inside too, so for the few extra dollars, treat yourself!  If I'm doing my regular clean every 2 weeks, I use a #1, which includes:  The exterior wash, cleaning of the rubber mats, cleaning of the windows, cleaning of the dash and they my console, a light vacuum, which is great for my car and a towel dry at the end.  The entire was process is usually completed by about 4-5 gentlemen and I'm always impressed by their speed and how thorough they are.  


Once you drop your car at the back wash entrance, you go inside where you can watch your car wash being completed, then pay at the counter and wait outside for your car to be pulled up all shiny and bright and if the weather is warm enough, they will towel dry it outside.


For those of you who don't get your car cleaned on the regular, you can use a more in depth detailing package where you leave your car for the day and they will make sure to clean everything you require, including a seat shampoo if you need it.  I used this service once when my car was broken into and I wanted to make sure there was no glass left over inside.  Thanks to the thieves, I had a bright and shiny car inside and out!  If you need to know more about their packages click here.


If you're looking for a fantastic wash and little interior cleaning without having to spend the afternoon in your driveway.  Morris is my go to place for a wash and I always leave feeling like a million bucks!  



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